I found beauty in my pain.

I found beauty in my pain.

I lost myself after the heartache, betrayal, disrespect, disappointment and a love that was in vain.

Through the disdain, I swallowed my pride and hid my pain.

I never wanted to love again.

What seemed like an revolving chain, for many years I was in the wrong lane.

I needed change, but didn’t know how I could trust myself to trust anyone.

It was more than What My brain could handle, so I jumped on the train of thoughts that wasn’t really heading my way.

I was in deeper pain than I wanted to sustain.

One day I got tired and just stood in the rain until I was ready to change.

I found beauty in my pain.

I was broken, but a part me wanted to love again.

I found me while in the rain. -Keema

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