A KING fit for a QUEEN

“A KING fit for a QUEEN. An perfectly imperfect pair, achieving goals, while the outside world just stares. Haters wonder….”who do they think they are?? Walking around here thinking they’re perfect???” But the truth is, they both carry many wounds, plenty of scars, they both have been healed from shattered years and broken hearts. Trust was at an all time low, so they did the right thing…put God first and took things slow. Who would have known??? A man with a tainted past and a broken/shattered woman, worked together and gave the rumors, haters, and negativity a first class seat in the back, to watch them make history and leave the past in the past. Goals achieved, now they live their live together through God. Unconditionally love, Gods purpose and dreams achieved, because they waited oh so patiently while weathering the storms life can bring. I am her and He is he. I’m his Queen and he’s my King!!!” Keema 💋👸🏽🔱

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